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Finally, Knews have Autoresponders

5 March 2014, By Carles Reverter

What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is an automated task, triggered by one event, that produces an email (newsletter) and it will be sent to the user.

Knews allow two types of events: not confirmed and after confirmation.

First of all, let’s classify the newsletters!

One of the most confusing features for our users in the past, it’s the mixed newsletters list: manual newsletters (created by hand) and newsletters for automation (empty newsletters to be filled and sent by Knews).

Now we have been added a 2nd type of empty newsletters: newsletters for autoresponders. We’re decided to split the list by adding another tab:


And… how Knews can know if one old newsletter it’s manual, or for auto-creation? He can’t… take a look at the Type value of the old newsletter: unknown. Don’t worry about it, Knews will continues working as is, but, if you edit it, Knews will ask you for the kind of newsletter, and it will be classified:


And a new option was added into the new newsletter creation: the type

Now, when you create a new newsletter, you should name it, choose the template and select the type. This will help Knews to classify it, allow you to use the new tokens button, check if it is right in the WYSIWYG editor at save time, and redirect after save to the right place: a more intuitive way.


How to create an new autoresponder task

After saving in the editor, a dialog will offer you to create task for autoresponder. You can also go it through menu, Knews > Auto-create > Autoresponder tab:


Here you can set a new autoresponder event. Please, take note: only events fired AFTER autoresponder task creation will be emailed, not older subscribers, and one event only will be fired once for every user.

Nice, huh? :)


5 March 2014, By stardrive

This new update is very good and has added more functionality to your newletters plugin.
Continue to update it and improve its flexibility.

8 March 2014, By Marzena

Hi All,

I must say I love K-News Newsletter!

I use it for few months now and it’s really good. I have been using couple of other newsletters before and they did not work on my wordpress site very well. This one is brilliant, never had any problem with it. It’s easy to export e-mail list and my traffic increases significantly when I send newsletter.
I really like the design feature, it’s simple and gives you many options.
I would definitely recommend it.



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