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  1. 1. Add the plug-in using wordpress admin, find or upload it, via website or FTP.
  2. 2. Activate it.
  3. 3. Go to the Knews configuration page and configure:
    1. Sender: Name and e-mail will appear as those of the submitted newsletters.
  4. 4. You can also optionally configure:
    1. Multilingual: Knews works as monolingual by default, but it can recognise the languages defined in WPML or qTranslate if you choose.
    2. CRON: By default Knews works with wp_cron, but it can be changed (highly recommendable for websites with low traffic). Tutorial here.
    3. SMTP sending: by default Knews sends by wp_mail (). You will have more features and fewer newsletters ending up as spam if you configure data sending using SMTP. Tutorial here.
  5. 5. As an option, you can create different mailing lists: open to all registered wordpress users and/or segmented by language.
  6. 6. You can optionally modify all the texts and dialogues in all the installed languages.
  7. 7. To place the subscription form, you have the following options:
    1. Drag the Knews widget to the sidebar.
    2. Putthe following “shortcode” on any page or post:
       NEW: Now you can specify a mailing list id:
    3. Write in your theme: <?php echo knews_plugin_form(); ?> You can specify a mailing list id: `<?php echo knews_plugin_form(array(‘id’=>1)); ?>
  8. 8. If you already have subscribers in some other system or e-mail programme, save them as CSV files: with the import wizard everything will be simple and intuitive.