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Increase your delivered newsletters ratio

17 May 2013, By Carles Reverter

It’s so important understanding the way great email services like Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail works and how Knews manage subscribers. Your goal is deliver the maximum percentage of newsletters. Our first suggestion: don’t make cheat.

Your reputation is your greatest value

The reputation as email sender can be good (we will explain later), regular (when you start) and very bad (included in spammer lists).

If you are reported as spammer, your newsletters will not be delivered anymore, while you are in these lists. And aren’t easy to clean your reputation.

Configure Knews

First of all: set the sender name and email (in configuration). It’s mandatory. You should configure also the SMTP submission.

We recommend configure CRON. Low traffic sites will send so slow if you doesn’t do it. There is a tutorial about this.

First of all: don’t be intrusive

First: submit newsletters only to the confirmed users. Knews mark the new subscribers as “unconfirmed” (yellow light) and sends an email with a confirmation link. If the user follow the link, the status goes to “confirmed” (green light).

Managing subscribers state

… and doesn’t submit never again emails to the blocked users. In all the footer newsletters you will found an unsubscribe link. When a user follow the unsubscribe link, his status goes to “blocked” (red light). This user never will get any email anymore.

How works Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc spam filters?

First of all, this services give to his users a “mark as spam” button. You should send relevant information in your newsletters. Too much irritated users will go down your reputation.

Second, if you are performing the first submission, please, select a slow delivery. Why? because in every mailing list there is a percentage of false, older or bad addresses. Too much emails to bad addresses in a short time will flag the spam filters.

Third, antispam filters of this services looking for regularity. If this don’t know you, should be better start with a slow ratio and upsize it later. After some deliveries, the anti-spam checks will be less strict with you: you will get better reputation.

Kept clean your mailing lists with Knews Pro

Knews Pro comes with a bounce system: it use a dedicated email account. Knews will download the returned emails, analyze the emails, get the “hard bounce” (considered spam) newsletters and mark the recievers as bounced (gray light) and never will be emailed again. Your lists will be always clean.

What about Knews Free?

You should download manually the returned emails and mark as blocked the returned as “hard bounces”. After a first effort, your lists will be passably clean.


8 August 2013, By Tom

Hi Knews Team,

i have about 1500 e-mail adresses of important clients.
i click them all when sending a newsletter. just about 90 have confirmed the newsletter yet. does it mean, next newsletter is just submitted to these 90 ? how can i see who is really clicking and entering my page ? by the way : no hardbounces since now.

Thank you for your answer !

Best regards !


12 August 2013, By Carles Reverter

The 90 users are clicked on any link in the newsletter. Soon we will add a tracking pixel, in order to get better stats. Next newsletter will be sent to all your subscribers, not 90.

15 November 2013, By Retina

Is there a way to receive undelivered or error emails to sender without upgrading to pro? One of our customer ask us to see which emails return to sender cause he knows that many emails don’t exist anymore.

Thanks in advance.

18 November 2013, By Carles Reverter

Yes, you can do it manually, download the returned messages through a mail client, should be bounced to the sender email address…



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