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– Bug solved into the subscription form
– Some mailservers will be speed up (who has the send max 10 emails per second rule)
– Solved issue with Jetpack on automated images


– Added a new trap for bots that try to registrate
– Solved bug on newsletter editor for some sites with https admin protocol


– Solved bug on auto-creation script: some installations stopped the automated newsletter creation.
– Better Knews Pro updater. Some installations of Knews Pro downgrades to Knews Free.
– Better stats. Global bounced users on main pie chart and the line graphs now shown full (not cut on bottom side)
– Solved bug on post creation: include this post on automated newsletters (default option value always set to No)

– Solved an stupid bug introduced into 2.4.2: a info popup in admin appears again and again. (We’re sorry, guys!)

– Compatibility for WordPress 4.7.2 and PHP 7
– After can’t read link click, the newsletters shown over website:
–     Newsletters opened on popup (default, as ever) or blank page as new option
–     Solved bug into visualisation of some newsletters (into website)
– Solved bug on desktop + mobile auto-creation newsletters
– Two minor bugs solved into the automated task edition

– Now the submit time (hour and minute) can be set for automated newsletters
– Autocreation / autoresponders tasks settings can be edited (no delete and create another one anymore)
– Solved bug on for French release: bad escaped apostrophe break JavaScript on admin side
– Solved bug on spam live test (now works for https admin sites)
– Clean wp-cron knews task when another options has selected (webserver cronjob or js-cron)

– Solved bug on some images resizing
– Solved bug in stats for multisites
– .htaccess code improvements for tracking pixel:
–     Code persists after permalinks change
–     Code compatible with multisite config
– Solved pagination bug in manual post selector

– New clean styles button added (on upper toolbar)
– Clean text paste from Word and others: avoid unstable formats after paste
– Selected nodes-only HTML code editor (on bottom bar)
– Solved issues on Internet Explorer: token insertions (gear icon for username etc) and text color

– solved issue on automation: some posts was not included on automation
– deferred publication posts (future date) loosing the “knews for automation” choice at publication time: solved.
– solved an issue with custom post types on manual post insertion
– fixed issue on tracking stats for https protocol websites on front-end
– dates on admin side are now shown localised, not GMT
– Ready for the new-wave-templates (comming soon)

Better stats: Now uses the google graphs library
Integrated WordPress Farbastic color picker on WYSIWYG editor
Better scroll control on WYSIWYG editor
Less intrusive advices
Faster editor loading
Solved the bounce test-button always visible
Solved issue in excerpt length (sometimes ignored)

Real Spam Test: check easily your SMTP configuration with real Spam Assassin diagnose results
Text version added on every newsletter sent. It will get better (automatic extraction from HTML content)
Solved warning about WPLANG on admin dashboard
Better pixel tracking code script
Solved some auto-creation newsletter issues

Solved the missing /wp-content/plugins/knews/includes/knews_subscribe.js?ver=2.3.5 bug. Bug introduced in 2.3.5. (Sorry guys!)

Gravity Forms support added through Knews + GF Glue free plugin: add easily a subscription checkbox to your GF forms
Complaints [Google PII Adsense Policy] (https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/6156630?hl=en) (Personally Identifiable Information)
Support new qTranslate X 3.3 release(a qTranslate branch)
JavaScript front-end code enqueued in a WP standard way: subscription forms and subscription/unsubscription dialogs compatibles with jQuery loaded on footer.

Support added for qTranslateX (a qTranslate branch)

Contact Form 7 support added through Knews + CF7 Glue free plugin: add easily a subscription checkbox to your CF7 forms
Multiple mailing list subscription at once option added (chekboxes instead select on subscription widget as option)
Consistent local time info instead of GMT time on admin side

Crop image (on/off) on resize added as option
Support for polylang different domain per language
Localised time format on Knews admin pages
Added https support for CRONJOB url
Support for background styles on body tag on newsletter templates
Saffety bug solved on SQL injection attack
Bug solved into automated newsletter creation: a second newsletter somethimes was created with fewer posts
Some old installs can’t create autometed newsletters. Now solved.
Solved bug on email testing: newsletters can’t be sent manually to emails with hypens on domain
Bug solved in URL on newsletter can’t read link

* Added bounce speed-up (JS Bounce) for first submission
* Support for the new e-commenrce templates (for WooCommerce)
* The excerpt length can be set in Knews preferences
* Add support for body inline styles on templates
* Solve the broken image URLs in newsletter editor for some installations
* Solve the “Hidden Knews after upgrade to Pro” for some installations

* Solved bug: no confirmation message / PHP error message on subscription form submision
* Export subscribers tool now works like a charm
* Solved: Some newsletter links wasn’t traced on stats
* Solved: PHP Error on SMTP test while test fails

* Improvements on submit script:
– solved double submit bug after submit error
– PHP timeout error proof (really)
– reset smtp after email send error
– wait after 5 consecutive email send error
* Remove mobile newsletter version option without desktop version deletion

* Solved an stupid bug: the Knews preferences was deleted when you do an scanning blacklist (Now safe).
– This bug was introduced on 2.2.7. Sorry guys!!!

* 591 domain blacklist added (keep mailing lists clean)
* Clean scanning blacklist tool added for current subscribers
* Automated newsletter creation timeout error proof
* Open newsletter detection for users without tracking pixel configured
* Reliable email submit script (it will restart at the same point if some error like PHP timeout break the script)
* Spaces in emails bug solved (on import, subscription and manual creation and edition)
* Solved newsletter display over home page in some WP installations

– You can use the A/B marketing technique, it will take the 40% of the target and split into two lists (and the rest in another “C” list), then you can send different email to A and B, take a look at the statistics, and use the best result with the another 60%.
– You can use the subscriber actions (opened, clicked, not opened, blocked and bounced) to create an auxiliary list
* Added a quick status check pane on submit newsletter screen
* Support for %the_content_1% … %the_content_n% in custom newsletter
* You can add your custom speed in wp-config.php file: define (‘KNEWS_CUSTOM_SPEED’, x); //where x is emails sent every 10 minutes
* Solved bug on multistep import: some users experienced fail in large files
* Solved bug on admin submits screen pagination
* Solved: In manual post insertion, it shows ALL articles, even those which are in trash.
* In mailing lists, now count the total users well
* Solved PHP warnings about temporary text file deletion (lockfile.txt and lockfile2.txt)
* Minor bugs solved

– Posts can be filtered for automation by Custom Post Type / Category and Tag
– Autoresponders can be filtered by user language
– Extra info added in the list
– Emails at once added on manual submision
* Bug solved: some autoresponders never was sent to some users
* Support for new Polylang versions
* Solved a qTranslate issue in automated newsletters

* Complaint with the new WP 3.9 WPDB extra layer for PHP 5.5+ (Warning: mysql_real_escape_string()… messages)

* Solved bug in autoresponders: never was sent in some installations
* Solved issue with qTranslate on image insertion

* Solved missing newsletters bug (not listed into admin)

* Solved an important bug introduced in 2.2.0: some newsletter submits never was done (we’re sorry)!!!

* Finally! Autoresponders!! please, take a look here
* Newsletters classified by type: manual, autocreated, and autocreation + autoresponders
* Assistant inside WYSIWYG Editor for tokens and shortcodes insertion
* More stable newsletter autocreation
* Emails per hour preview
* Support in WYSIWYG Editor for HTTPS administration
* More accurate progress sending bar
* Solved mail list duplication while import bug

* Added language filter in subscribers administration
* Added support for the new MAC Safari versions (WYSIWYG drag & drop works again)
* Solved link tracking bug for stats
* The automated updates works through https for webserver configurations that blocked http remote connections

* Solved the “email submission failed” message. It’s a bug introduced in 2.1.7 (the emails really was sent, but Knews always show sending error, in SMTP test, unique submission and mailing list submission.

* New styles for 3.8 admin interface
* Subscription form outer WordPress (from other websites through Iframe)
* Solved auto-creation bug when more than one process starts at same time (only one was sent in past)
* Trying re-subscribe error message solved
* Solved the HTML code editor blank error

* Double optin subscription on/off (default on)
* WordPress registration (automated subscription activated) optin on/off (default off)
* Plugin updater updated
* Email subscription advice (Knews email you when someone subscribes)
* Error in image resize solved
* One-click remote CRON activation bug solved
* Characters non standard in bounce password account supported
* Gmail port corrected in SMTP wizard
* Solved Google Analytics param issue in pixel tracking

* Chinese Simplified & Traditional languages added
* User IP and registration date export added (in CSV)
* Solved bug in unsubscribe link (introduced in 2.1.4)
* Solved not-homepage-issue under newsletter or dialog
* Full support for distinct /wp-content folder name
* Full support for Hungarian chars
* Support for relative image URLs inside WordPress
* Patch added for some users who can’t see stats graphs
* More clean code in newsletters (less comments)
* Better line cut in newsletters code

* Solved 2 bugs introduced in 2.1.3 (we’re sorry)!
– Manual post insertion failure in WYSIWYG editor
– Blank Knews Config page

* Solved pixel tracking bug
* Mobile version view bug solved
* Better mailing lists panel: in send newsletter and export users
* Better stats
* Lighter export users (less timeout issues, about 50.000 users)
* Solved empty users results in user search
* Right tracking (per submit) of cant read, unsubscribe and mobile
* Solved tracking codes repeated
* IP and date registration in user info panel
* Support for one-blog plugin activation in a multiblog site
* Support for distinct than wp-content folder name

* Added christmas template
* Removed debug tracking message in user admin forgeted in the latest release (2.1.1)
* Better support for bounce configuration (POP3, IMAP, SSL, Auth…)
* Solved endless sending bug (rare)

* Google tracking campaigns integration
* Tracking pixel automated, with easy configuration wizard (it needs one change in htaccess file)
* Better stats, better colors and reset option added
* Now you can add custom CSS for subscription widget (don’t need modify your CSS theme anymore)
* Better user exportation interface and lighter script (too much users database have timeout issues before)
* Better newsletter submission interface
* Now works fine the faster search subscriber (admin side)
* Tabbed configuration and sexy switches instead checkboxes

* Faster search users (or too slow search solved)
* Solved stats graph bug
* Bounce test bug solved
* Faster bounced mails processing

* Added CRON call from our webservers (we trigger your script remotely, say goodbye to the complicated CRONJOB configuration)
* Multiple SMTP configuration added (you can set different SMTP servers for different newsletters)
* Support for Polylang (Now Knews Pro works as multilingual with WPML, Polylang and qTranslate)
* Portuguese language added.
* Added permission per send newsletters (manage newsletters are splitted into manage and submission)
* Nice URLS (In subscription opt-in, cant read and unsubscribe links)

* Solved lost menu in upgrades from Free to Pro in some installations
* The subscription form AJAX script supports now the cache compression
* Less interferences with another plugins
* Added Bounce management alternative for servers without imap_open support
* Solved stats per newsletter issues and PHP warnings
* Lightweight subscribers management admin page (some users with too subscribers have a timeout bug)
* Solved issue with featured post image in manual insertion post (editor)
* Solved MySQL installation error messages in some blogs

* Solved blank color picker window under WordPress 3.6
* Suport for WPML 2.9
* Solved roles bug
* Import CSV multistep filename error solved
* Better Automated newsletters stability
* Solved some interferences with another plugins


* Solved 2.0.6 bug: Knews always shown in english
* Solved subscription bug with WPML different domains per language configuration


PREMIUM STATS: by newsletter & user

* Subtitle added (optional)
* Show required fields text (optional)
* More specific message error for required fields
* Accept terms checkbox (optional)
* Import multiple step (every 500 users, in order to avoid memory issues)
* Mailing lists creation (supports multiple, comma separated)
* Import error log (see which and why emails reports issues)
IP saving in subscription time
* Manual user creation with one step name and surname introduction and options remembering
* Test SMTP: added from, from name and debug info
* Saving which link was clicked inside a newsletter
* Cron call overlap prevented
* Pagination by combo box in post selection when too much custom post types break tabs layout
* The resize IMG bug in editor (forbidden) solved for some users
* The retry submission for the errors now works
* The aphostrophe JS bug in the “see log” option (on submits) in some languages solved.


* Open newsletters in a Lightbox option added into latest newsletters widget links
* Newsletters are shown in a Lightbox window over the home page (follow the newsletters can’t read / mobile version link)
* Bounce email field added in configuration (in some webservers the email and user fields are different for the POP3 bounce configuration)
* Confirmation subscription dialog prettyfied
* Some users can’t see the Admin Knews menu (solved)
* Import wizard can now do a bounced list importation
* Unescaped strings break JavaScript (aphostrophe, some languages only) solved
* Subscription form layout: Labels outside fields (default), inside or hidden as an option
* Solved a width issue in the Casablanca mobile template

* Greek added
* New tab/window (target=”_blank”) option added into latest newsletters widget links
* Excerpt extraction bug solved (2.0.3 bug)
* Casablanca mobile post insertion issue solved
* Solved unusual HTML break in the mobile preview

* Solved extra <BR> tags in the newsletter excerpts
* More stable auto creation newsletter
* Open the newsletters in a new tab/window from the latest posts widget as option
* Casablanca and Sweet Barcelona gets the featured post image too (forgetted in previous versions)

* Support for the new WordPress 3.5 media uploader
* Emails with spaces behind or before now supported (in subscription form, CSV import and user search)
* Extra fields edition added

* Solved bug in knews_admin_submits.php

Knews Premium released, with this extra features:
* Automated bounce handling
* Double width newslettering: desktop and mobile
* User mass management
* Latest Newsletters Widget, shortcode & function
* Permission management: Allow & disallow users by roles
* Custom Post Types: support for manual & automated
* Add custom fields as you want to the users
* Featured post image support for manual and automated insertion


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