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Configure mailing lists

21 May 2013, By Carles Reverter

So many users asked us about the Mailing lists configuration. When so many people asks something, means it isn’t clear.

In this post we will explain the different ways to work with it. First of all, Knews comes with a default mailing list, opened for everyone and every language (if your website are multilingual):

Default Mailing List

First of all: what means “open” and “open for registered users”?

Our web visitors can be registered in our WordPress as Users or not. An unregistered user only can subscribe to the “Open” mailing lists, and a registered user only can subscribe to “Open for registered users” mailing lists.

The language filter

If you are running under multilanguage website, you can also open one mailing list for one language. This is our recommendation if you want to perform one newsletter for every language:

Multilanguage Mailing Lists

What about private mailing lists?

You can also use a mailing list for private communication, there is, only you can add users, nobody can subscribe by their own. In this example, we are added two mailing lists, one for our WordPress users and another absolutely private, the communication will be always in english, then we don’t isolate by language:

Private mailing list

Allow users to choose the mailing list

You can also allow users to choose what are the mailing list to subscribe. In this example, we allow English users to choose between: “Knews Newsletter”, “Geek users” and “Extra list”. In the subscription form will appear a combo box.

In spanish only appears two options “Boletín de Knews” and “Geek users”.

Note that now we renamed the mailing lists to formal names, because it will be visible in the combo box:

Multiple mailing lists to choose

And… what happens if one user have all the mailing lists closed for him?

The subscription form will not shown.


22 July 2013, By Victoria

How do I set it up so that my email is sent a message everytime a new user signs up? I need to know sooner, than checking the Knews subscribers list daily. Thanks!

1 August 2013, By Carles Reverter

This feature will be released soon, maybe in october.

4 August 2013, By Barb

I want to switch to your newsletter plugin. But how do I get all my users on to your system. It would take me way too long to put in over a 1000 subcribers manually. How do i create a file from the newsletter we stopped using and bring them over to yours.

Also, can I make it from my wp subcribers, and just do a mass delete on those who do not get the newsletter. Thanks you.

7 August 2013, By Carles Reverter

Knews has a poweful import wizard from CSV. If your current system has export cappabilities, create an export file first and then switch. If you get someother format instead of CSV, any spreadsheet like Excel can help. If your system haven’t any export tool, you can search in phpMyAdmin for the current system user tables, export, and create a CSV through Excel, it’s so tricky, but should work.

If you have the subscribers as WordPress users, Knews Pro has also two options for it: Automated importation from WP users to subscribers and WP users synchronization to subscribers.

30 December 2013, By John Diacono

I have just asked the same question in another section. I am not being given an option to import users from WP nor to synchronize them.
Can you help please?

13 January 2014, By Carles Reverter

This feature it’s only for Knews Pro. You will find the import in Knews Pro > Import, and Wp user synchronization in Knews Pro > Mailing lists

7 July 2015, By Patrick Schleppi

Something we’re missing in the configuration of k-news is the possibility to distinguish “from”, “sender” and “return path”. All three are now set to the same value (“from”). The underlying class phpmailer would allow to distinguish these 3 fields, so it would probably be quite easy to adapt the class KnewsPHPMailer, which extends phpmailer.
We hope that this idea finds some echo.

17 July 2015, By Carles Reverter

Hello Patrick.

Knews Pro uses this values to manage the bounced emails. Some mailservers need to set it as sender and another ones as return path.
Knews Pro has an option about.

However, if you’re a hardcoder, you can override the KnewsPHPMailer class, it is pluggable, if you define your own before, Knews will use it and don’t define his own.



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