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Automated Newsletter Creation

What is the newsletter auto-creation?

Knews, if you set it, automatically creates newsletters taking the new published posts and can submit these newsletters, automatically or manually, to your subscribers.

What versions Knews can do it?

Since the 1.2.0 version, Knews has the newsletter automated creation feature.

Step 1: Create an empty newsletter so acting as a template

In our blog/website administration, we go to Knews>Newsletters and create a new newsletter, will name him “Template for automation” or any similar that help us to recognize it.

Here build the newsletter as usual, adding modules, changing colors, photos, texts, etc. But we leave, at least, leave one module with %the_title_1%, %the_excerpt_1% etc., i.e.: don’t choose free text or WordPress post/page content insertion.

Step 2: Automated job creation

Save the newsletter, it ask if we want send it or continue. Choose continue, and then, click in the left menu Knews>Auto-create.

In the create an automated job section, we name it and leave active the process.

In the options, we choose the taken posts language, and we choose what newsletter we use as template (must be the created at step 1).

Now, we can choose when create the templates: every amount of posts, or every determined time.

At the submit options, we choose what mailing list should receive the newsletter, and if you want an automated submit, or we want do it manually.

Attention: we recommend until you aren’t familiar with the system, leave the submit method to manual, or create a test mailing list with your email only, and then choose automated submit only to you.

Step 3: Creating new posts

If you create now a new post, you’ll see a new Knews box into the right side. Here you can choose if it will be included into the automated newsletters or not.

This default value you can set it into Knews->Configuration

What posts will be added to the automated newsletters?

The posts will be added to the new newsletters when:

1) Have set the “include this post” option activated (edit the post to look it).
2) The creation or edition date must be posterior to the automated job creation (old posts doesn’t be included if you don’t edit it).
3) Not be included in any automated newsletter by the same automated job twice (if you create more than one automated job, every job will add the post to one newsletter once).

Where are the automated newsletters?

Go to Knews>Newsletters and click into the “Automated Newsletters” tab.

When you take the newsletter automatically created?

The automated process runs twice daily, then can take up 12 hours.