Oldie Style Template

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Oldie look&feel template, with 17 modules. Has full layout and double column modules, and can be compound (see examples).
Support for the double width (desktop and mobile) Knews Pro featrue. Normal width for Knews Free.

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Product Description

The Oldie Style template is designed to evoke the old labels and posters. The major of the modules has normal and reverse versions (dark background and clear color text).

Has full layout and double column modules, and can be compound (see examples).

When you buy this template, you get:

  • The template and the PSD (Photoshop) layer separated.
  • Prioritary support about any issue related with this template.
  • Future updates for this template.
  • You can use this template in any WordPress blog/website as you want.
  • Money back in a 48 hours period if you are dissatisfied with the product.

Limits warranty

  • We will not support problems arising from the modification of the template by the user.

The modules are:

1. Title (double column)

2. Great photo  (double column)

3. Photo + Big Post/Text (double column)

4. Big Post/Text (double column)

5. Spacer (double column)

6. Separator (double column)

7. Post / Text (one column)

8. Post / Text con titular alternativo (one column)

9. Photo (one column) 

10. Photo + (Post / Text)  (one column)

11. (Post / Text) reverse colors (one column)

12. Alternative title (double column)

13. Photo + (Post / Text) reverse colors (double column)

14. Separator line (double column)

15. Social media module: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / RSS / Google+ / Pinterest / Tumblr / YouTube / Vimeo / Flickr (double column)

16. Footer (double column)

17. Footer reverse color (double column)