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  1. Can someone with no knowledge of HTML create a newsletter and send it to their clients?
    1. Yes, absolutely. The newsletter editor is WYSIWYG and modular. It is not necessary to have any knowledge of HTML and in a matter of minutes you can make a professional looking newsletter that will be seen correctly by all devices and e-mail programmes.
  2. What is special about Knews editor?
    1. Knews editor is unique. It takes advantage of HTML5 properties to create a really unique WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. You can drag modules to build the newsletter as large as you have things to say, load content of the posts or enter new ones, upload images or use those of the multimedia library, change colours, fonts, images and much more…
  3. Knews is not translated into my language
    1. Knews allows you to easily modify all the interactive texts for the website visitor (subscriptions, cancellations, etc.). In your case, you will begin with texts in English. There are 20 sentences in all. If you want to collaborate and translate the whole of Knews into your own language, you will find the necessary files in directories/languages. Contact us and help us make Knews great!
  4. How do I install additional languages in Knews?
    1. You don’t have to. If you have configured Knews to work with WPML or qTranslate, when you configure a new language in these plug-ins, Knews will already be ready.
  5. Why do you recommend configuring CRON, when wp_cron already works in wordpress without doing anything?
    1. Knews works initially with wp_cron that is based on running the tasks assigned from time to time. Now, if a blog or website doesn’t receive many visits, it won’t be reliable, because wp_cron has not been run if there are no website visits, so, start sends and the rate at which they are sent depends on the visits to the website. Tutorial here.
  6. Knews have statistics?
    1. Since version 1.1.0, Knews has statistics. This include: sign ups, unsubscriptions, newsletter submits, user clicks, user can’t read click, etc.
  7. I am a designer and I need to give my clients a customised template
    1. Here you have a tutorial to create a 100% personalised template. You will be able to define which areas are editable and which are not (images, colours, texts, links, etc.), and preview the different types of information to display, creating different modules for the newsletter editor.
  8. Why do you recommend configuring an SMTP account?
    1. If sending is done by SMTP, the amount of e-mails reported as SPAM will drop. Knews sends the e-mails one by one by SMTP as you would, therefore guaranteeing a high rate of assured sending. Tutorial here.
  9. My newsletter must go out today, CRON doesn’t work and I don’t have enough entries in the website.
    1. No problem. Simply choose the option to use Cron emulation in JavaScript and send normally. You will have to keep a window open until the sending ends that’s all.
  10. Does Knews only have 3 templates?
    1. Yes, at the moment Knews only has 3 templates, but we will be adding more. In any case, the degree of personalisation is immense, with thousands of different combinations available. You can also follow our tutorial to modify a template or create a new custom one for yourself.