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Configure SMTP Submits

Why do you recommend configuring an SMTP account?

If sending is done by SMTP, the amount of e-mails reported as SPAM will drop. Knews sends the e-mails one by one by SMTP as you would, therefore guaranteeing a high rate of assured sending.

How to configure Knews SMTP sending

  • Enter to the WordPress administration, at Knews>Configuration page.
  • Keep the wp_mail() submit option for now, before we can confirm the SMTP submit works fine.
  • Insert the SMTP values (these values are provided by the hosting company, and are the same as you have in your e-mail program):
    • Insert the value Host SMTP (normally smtp.yourdomain.com o mail.yourdomain.com)
    • Insert the SMTP port (normally is the 25, the 587 or 465)
    • Insert the fields SMTP User and SMTP Password, normally all the SMTP submits are authenticated. If the submits they aren’t authenticated, leave it in blank.
    • SMTP Secure: if you don’t are sure, can try the 3 values. Normally is “none”
  • test the values: in the right input field, insert your email and press “Test SMTP Config”. Wait for the response. If is correct, wait the e-mail test arrival.
  • If not works, try to change some value (for example SMTP secure)
  • If all works fine, activate the SMTP submit and press the blue button “SAVE”. Warning: if no save the changes, the new SMTP configuration will be lost.