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* Added bounce speed-up (JS Bounce) for first submission
* Support for the new e-commenrce templates (for WooCommerce)
* The excerpt length can be set in Knews preferences
* Add support for body inline styles on templates
* Solve the broken image URLs in newsletter editor for some installations
* Solve the “Hidden Knews after upgrade to Pro” for some installations

* Solved bug: no confirmation message / PHP error message on subscription form submision
* Export subscribers tool now works like a charm
* Solved: Some newsletter links wasn’t traced on stats
* Solved: PHP Error on SMTP test while test fails

* Improvements on submit script:
– solved double submit bug after submit error
– PHP timeout error proof (really)
– reset smtp after email send error
– wait after 5 consecutive email send error
* Remove mobile newsletter version option without desktop version deletion

* Solved an stupid bug: the Knews preferences was deleted when you do an scanning blacklist (Now safe).
– This bug was introduced on 2.2.7. Sorry guys!!!

* 591 domain blacklist added (keep mailing lists clean)
* Clean scanning blacklist tool added for current subscribers
* Automated newsletter creation timeout error proof
* Open newsletter detection for users without tracking pixel configured
* Reliable email submit script (it will restart at the same point if some error like PHP timeout break the script)
* Spaces in emails bug solved (on import, subscription and manual creation and edition)
* Solved newsletter display over home page in some WP installations

– You can use the A/B marketing technique, it will take the 40% of the target and split into two lists (and the rest in another “C” list), then you can send different email to A and B, take a look at the statistics, and use the best result with the another 60%.
– You can use the subscriber actions (opened, clicked, not opened, blocked and bounced) to create an auxiliary list
* Added a quick status check pane on submit newsletter screen
* Support for %the_content_1% … %the_content_n% in custom newsletter
* You can add your custom speed in wp-config.php file: define (‘KNEWS_CUSTOM_SPEED’, x); //where x is emails sent every 10 minutes
* Solved bug on multistep import: some users experienced fail in large files
* Solved bug on admin submits screen pagination
* Solved: In manual post insertion, it shows ALL articles, even those which are in trash.
* In mailing lists, now count the total users well
* Solved PHP warnings about temporary text file deletion (lockfile.txt and lockfile2.txt)
* Minor bugs solved

– Posts can be filtered for automation by Custom Post Type / Category and Tag
– Autoresponders can be filtered by user language
– Extra info added in the list
– Emails at once added on manual submision
* Bug solved: some autoresponders never was sent to some users
* Support for new Polylang versions
* Solved a qTranslate issue in automated newsletters

* Complaint with the new WP 3.9 WPDB extra layer for PHP 5.5+ (Warning: mysql_real_escape_string()… messages)

* Solved bug in autoresponders: never was sent in some installations
* Solved issue with qTranslate on image insertion

* Solved missing newsletters bug (not listed into admin)

* Solved an important bug introduced in 2.2.0: some newsletter submits never was done (we’re sorry)!!!

* Finally! Autoresponders!! please, take a look here
* Newsletters classified by type: manual, autocreated, and autocreation + autoresponders
* Assistant inside WYSIWYG Editor for tokens and shortcodes insertion
* More stable newsletter autocreation
* Emails per hour preview
* Support in WYSIWYG Editor for HTTPS administration
* More accurate progress sending bar
* Solved mail list duplication while import bug

* Added language filter in subscribers administration
* Added support for the new MAC Safari versions (WYSIWYG drag & drop works again)
* Solved link tracking bug for stats
* The automated updates works through https for webserver configurations that blocked http remote connections

* Solved the “email submission failed” message. It’s a bug introduced in 2.1.7 (the emails really was sent, but Knews always show sending error, in SMTP test, unique submission and mailing list submission.

* New styles for 3.8 admin interface
* Subscription form outer WordPress (from other websites through Iframe)
* Solved auto-creation bug when more than one process starts at same time (only one was sent in past)
* Trying re-subscribe error message solved
* Solved the HTML code editor blank error

* Double optin subscription on/off (default on)
* WordPress registration (automated subscription activated) optin on/off (default off)
* Plugin updater updated
* Email subscription advice (Knews email you when someone subscribes)
* Error in image resize solved
* One-click remote CRON activation bug solved
* Characters non standard in bounce password account supported
* Gmail port corrected in SMTP wizard
* Solved Google Analytics param issue in pixel tracking

* Chinese Simplified & Traditional languages added
* User IP and registration date export added (in CSV)
* Solved bug in unsubscribe link (introduced in 2.1.4)
* Solved not-homepage-issue under newsletter or dialog
* Full support for distinct /wp-content folder name
* Full support for Hungarian chars
* Support for relative image URLs inside WordPress
* Patch added for some users who can’t see stats graphs
* More clean code in newsletters (less comments)
* Better line cut in newsletters code

* Solved 2 bugs introduced in 2.1.3 (we’re sorry)!
– Manual post insertion failure in WYSIWYG editor
– Blank Knews Config page

* Solved pixel tracking bug
* Mobile version view bug solved
* Better mailing lists panel: in send newsletter and export users
* Better stats
* Lighter export users (less timeout issues, about 50.000 users)
* Solved empty users results in user search
* Right tracking (per submit) of cant read, unsubscribe and mobile
* Solved tracking codes repeated
* IP and date registration in user info panel
* Support for one-blog plugin activation in a multiblog site
* Support for distinct than wp-content folder name

* Added christmas template
* Removed debug tracking message in user admin forgeted in the latest release (2.1.1)
* Better support for bounce configuration (POP3, IMAP, SSL, Auth…)
* Solved endless sending bug (rare)

* Google tracking campaigns integration
* Tracking pixel automated, with easy configuration wizard (it needs one change in htaccess file)
* Better stats, better colors and reset option added
* Now you can add custom CSS for subscription widget (don’t need modify your CSS theme anymore)
* Better user exportation interface and lighter script (too much users database have timeout issues before)
* Better newsletter submission interface
* Now works fine the faster search subscriber (admin side)
* Tabbed configuration and sexy switches instead checkboxes

* Faster search users (or too slow search solved)
* Solved stats graph bug
* Bounce test bug solved
* Faster bounced mails processing

* Added CRON call from our webservers (we trigger your script remotely, say goodbye to the complicated CRONJOB configuration)
* Multiple SMTP configuration added (you can set different SMTP servers for different newsletters)
* Support for Polylang (Now Knews Pro works as multilingual with WPML, Polylang and qTranslate)
* Portuguese language added.
* Added permission per send newsletters (manage newsletters are splitted into manage and submission)
* Nice URLS (In subscription opt-in, cant read and unsubscribe links)

* Solved lost menu in upgrades from Free to Pro in some installations
* The subscription form AJAX script supports now the cache compression
* Less interferences with another plugins
* Added Bounce management alternative for servers without imap_open support
* Solved stats per newsletter issues and PHP warnings
* Lightweight subscribers management admin page (some users with too subscribers have a timeout bug)
* Solved issue with featured post image in manual insertion post (editor)
* Solved MySQL installation error messages in some blogs

* Solved blank color picker window under WordPress 3.6
* Suport for WPML 2.9
* Solved roles bug
* Import CSV multistep filename error solved
* Better Automated newsletters stability
* Solved some interferences with another plugins


* Solved 2.0.6 bug: Knews always shown in english
* Solved subscription bug with WPML different domains per language configuration


PREMIUM STATS: by newsletter & user

* Subtitle added (optional)
* Show required fields text (optional)
* More specific message error for required fields
* Accept terms checkbox (optional)
* Import multiple step (every 500 users, in order to avoid memory issues)
* Mailing lists creation (supports multiple, comma separated)
* Import error log (see which and why emails reports issues)
IP saving in subscription time
* Manual user creation with one step name and surname introduction and options remembering
* Test SMTP: added from, from name and debug info
* Saving which link was clicked inside a newsletter
* Cron call overlap prevented
* Pagination by combo box in post selection when too much custom post types break tabs layout
* The resize IMG bug in editor (forbidden) solved for some users
* The retry submission for the errors now works
* The aphostrophe JS bug in the “see log” option (on submits) in some languages solved.


* Open newsletters in a Lightbox option added into latest newsletters widget links
* Newsletters are shown in a Lightbox window over the home page (follow the newsletters can’t read / mobile version link)
* Bounce email field added in configuration (in some webservers the email and user fields are different for the POP3 bounce configuration)
* Confirmation subscription dialog prettyfied
* Some users can’t see the Admin Knews menu (solved)
* Import wizard can now do a bounced list importation
* Unescaped strings break JavaScript (aphostrophe, some languages only) solved
* Subscription form layout: Labels outside fields (default), inside or hidden as an option
* Solved a width issue in the Casablanca mobile template

* Greek added
* New tab/window (target=”_blank”) option added into latest newsletters widget links
* Excerpt extraction bug solved (2.0.3 bug)
* Casablanca mobile post insertion issue solved
* Solved unusual HTML break in the mobile preview

* Solved extra <BR> tags in the newsletter excerpts
* More stable auto creation newsletter
* Open the newsletters in a new tab/window from the latest posts widget as option
* Casablanca and Sweet Barcelona gets the featured post image too (forgetted in previous versions)

* Support for the new WordPress 3.5 media uploader
* Emails with spaces behind or before now supported (in subscription form, CSV import and user search)
* Extra fields edition added

* Solved bug in knews_admin_submits.php

Knews Premium released, with this extra features:
* Automated bounce handling
* Double width newslettering: desktop and mobile
* User mass management
* Latest Newsletters Widget, shortcode & function
* Permission management: Allow & disallow users by roles
* Custom Post Types: support for manual & automated
* Add custom fields as you want to the users
* Featured post image support for manual and automated insertion